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One-stop-shop for all exterior home needs! Our services include Patio Covers, Siding, Windows & Doors, Gutters, Shutters, Solar Screens, & Roofing!


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 Vinyl & Custom

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About Us

When you contact us for any exterior work or installation in Alexandria, we’ll do the job quickly and professionally. We will provide accurate pricing and complete transparency for all issues. We are proud of the exceptional reputation we’ve built up among Cenla homeowners, and we work to ensure we deliver value for everyone we do business with.

Our Mission

Choosing new windows for your home or maybe a complete patio makeover?

Talk with one of our roofing, window, door, gutter, patio or siding professionals to find the action that best fits your needs. We’re happy to make some repairs to buy you some time, or make a replacement if it is needed.

You want a contractor you can trust, and one who has the experience to help you make some major decisions?

We will listen to your goals, desires, and help alleviate any concerns. We will walk you through the process like you were one of our family.

Quality Services

Patio Covers

Our patio covers are well-built and custom-designed to create a comfortable and protected outdoor living area for you to entertain, grill, spend time with your family, and relax in your own backyard.  We build all our patio covers to meet your needs, no matter where you’re located.

Solid roof options offer protection for all your outdoor living areas, including your pool, deck, BBQ area, and any other outdoor area. They offer comfort in the summer’s blazing heat and even in the middle of a rainstorm – perfect for keeping your guests comfortable and out of the unpredictable elements!

Carport patio covers are perfect for your vehicle’s protection – keeping your paint fresh, your car clean and out of the elements, without the expensive upfront cost of building a brand-new garage.

Windows & Doors

If you’re looking to replace your old, drafty windows and doors; or are planning to remodel your home or build a new home, Advanced Home Exteriors offers a variety of options, materials and custom solutions to meet your needs. We make it easy to replace and install windows and doors, handling the entire process from start to finish. Our experienced team will help you choose the right windows and/or doors for your home and provide a hassle-free installation.

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the performance and physical state of your windows. Otherwise, you risk driving up your home’s energy costs and creating a generally uncomfortable interior space prone to drafts and moisture permeation. Luckily, there are numerous telltale signs that will indicate when you’re ready for a window upgrade.


In addition to your roof, your siding contributes to over half of your home’s curb appeal. Over the past few years, vinyl siding has become the top pick in the industry due to its durability, minimal maintenance, and lower energy cost.

Benefits to Siding

Adding vinyl siding is an economical way to refresh the exterior of your home. Today’s siding products are more varied than ever before — an extensive range of color and texture options ensures there is a product available to meet almost any design requirement.


Investing in new gutters — or regular maintenance for your existing spouting — is one of the best ways to protect your property for the long-term. Get in touch with Advanced Home Exteriors today and have one of our team members match you with the combination of products and services that will work best for your home. Call or email to get started today.


Whether you are installing a new roof or replacing a roof that is no longer doing its job, there are many choices in terms of the types of roofing materials available. Most roof shingles used today are technically known as asphalt fiberglass shingles. The fiberglass mat embedded in the shingle provides an extra measure of strength and tear resistance.


Whether you’re a homeowner looking to boost your curb appeal with the addition of custom shutters or a trade professional interested in quality craftsmanship for your next job, our shutters are built to exceed your expectations.

Solar Screens

Our solar screens are an economical way to reduce heat and glare caused by the suns hot rays within your home and patio. These panels can be made in a variety of colors and styles. We can install the panels to fit your needs and your specifications. 

Client Reviews

They replaced my old patio cover and now I don’t have any leaks. They were so nice throughout the whole process. And they worked really fast, thank you, guys!

Tyler Marshall

i got my gutters replaced by them a few weeks back and im so thankful because when that rain came pouring, i didnt have to get all soaked going to work or picking up my kids from school.

Missy Thorton

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